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White's Metal Detectors

Bicycles at Bob Lounsbury Sporting Goods 

104 North St Middletown NY 10940
Bicycle Sale (Updated 10/21/2015) It's fall and most bicycles are on sale at reduced prices.
A special new 3 speed bicycle is on sale
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Great new product #1 - MSRP $169

Bicycle light with camera. The Cycliq Fly6 is a combination tail-light and video camera with sound. Are cars and trucks squeezing past you as you ride on the public roads. Have any already hit you? The Fly6 can watch your back and record any incidents plus an hour after and an hour before and put it down on an SD memory card for you. This camera is very good at seeing and recording the front of the vehicle behind you and the front license plate.

Product Details
  • 1280 x 720 HD video recording with audioCycliq Fly6
  • World`s first incorporation of nano technology protection against weather in a cycling accessory
  • Looping video recording for easy set and forget use
  • 30 lumen tail light
  • USB rechargeable - 6 hour run time
  • Incident capture protection
  • BikeRumor Editor`s choice top 5 winner
  • 2014 BikeRadar Editor`s choice winner
  • 2014 Interbike Outside Gear of the Show winner
ProNine Baseballs - Closeout - Assorted - All at sale prices
PM9 for pitching machine $15.00/doz.
LPM9 for pitching machine $20.00/doz.
SLL1 Little League baseball $24.99/doz.
LL Little League baseball $4.99 each
OL Official League $45.00/doz.
Limited to stock on hand

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Bicycles at Bob Lounsbury Sporting Goods

White's Metal Detectors at Bob Lounsbury Sporting Goods Middletown, NY

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